The Kobe Effect: Life is Not Promised From A 40+ Mom

There is no doubt that when the tragedy of Kobe Bryant’s death along with his daughter and friends happened, parents everywhere hugged their children a little tighter.  I used to worry about the fact that I had my daughter after 40. I asked myself if I was being selfish. Like...why would I take the chance of bringing a child into the world when I may not live long enough to guide her through every important milestone in her life? Or be in top physical condition during her formative and teen years?

Kobe’s death only amplified for me what we already know. Life is not promised to anyone. It doesn’t matter our age, race, economic status, popularity...etc. IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER.   So what is our job? Control what we can control and love HARD every single day.

My daughter will always know that she is loved and that she is an amazing blessing in our lives. She often catches me staring at her with that “love look” and I remind her how long I prayed for her.  There will NEVER be a doubt in her mind that she is loved. F9F2B60E-8AC8-4841-81C1-D2BBD6379AC1jpeg

But how are we treating people every day? Not just those in our inner circles, but strangers on the street.   Being kind costs us NOTHING!!! Our simple interactions with others and how we make others feel can cause a ripple effect that can change the world. Kobe energized an entire city and professional basketball organization through his extraordinary abilities on the court. He intrigued us with his actions and good deeds off the court. He affected the lives of so many people in his short time here with us.  But now in his death, he has inspired not just Lakers fans, but this entire country and even the world.

The Kobe Effect has reminded us all to take the time to really let those around us know how much we love them.  His “dash” was filled with so much purpose. But....what if his true purpose was to bring us all together NOW. What if God needed to call someone whose death could make the whole world stop and realize that it’s only LOVE that truly matters?

It’s tough to find the good in tragic situations. It really is. Many lives were changed forever in the blink of an eye. But how amazing is it that going forward we can pay tribute to them all by using our simple actions of LOVE?

Take a deep breath. Now exhale. Don’t take that for granted. So what can we do NOW? How can we best honor those who have gone on???? WE LIVE....WE LAUGH...WE LOVE!!!!

Sanya Whittaker Gragg (@memorizethe5) is a Children’s Author. She resides in Tulsa, OK with her husband Derrick, and daughter Saniyah. Her third book will be released this spring and you can find more information at

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